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Car Wheels


Car wheels are delivered to us usually to be refurbished from very corroded or damaged wheels or simply to change the colour.

We first shot blast the wheels in our state of the art blast room which removes all of the paint and corrosion giving a clean surface. The wheels are then primed in a zinc rich powder primer which is baked in the oven until cured.

When cool the wheels are rubbed down ready to have the colour powder coated on. This is done with one of our new Euro-tec electro static gun's which charges the powder and wheel causing the powder to stick to the surface.

The wheel is checked then goes back into the oven for another cure at around 190 degrees Celsius for the desired time. In most cases when the wheels are cured and re-checked for a quality finish they are the lacquered with a powder lacquer and recurred for a final time. When cooled the wheel will look as good as new. We can powder coat steel and aluminium wheels. We have a large selection of colours in stock including a Chrome look powder, plus we can source a wide range of colours.